Motivation Monday: May 6, 2013 EIF Revlon Run/Walk

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Hurray! It’s Monday! I’ve had a very “human” week this week.

My husband went to a funeral for a co-worker on Tuesday, and it sparked a lot of discussion in our home about our mortality. Then, I saw a very beautiful show called Mayday Mayday at St. Ann’s Warehouse. In short, this one man play explores a man’s fall and temporary paralysis. The event comes during an exciting holiday, while his girlfriend is five months pregnant with their first child. His witty and artistic portrayal of the fear and anxiety he experiences during the paralysis was so real, that both my friend and I started having panic attacks (for realz!). And his joy and gratefulness for every single person involved in the long timeline of his rehabilitation and eventual recovery was so overwhelming that I suddenly felt thankful -and lucky- for the ability to walk, and feel, and hug. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this play: it’s a true story! This actually happened to the actor and writer, Tristan Sturrock, and was directed by his wife (the pregnant girlfriend in the story)! So moving. So amazing.Mayday Mayday at St. Ann's Warehouse

And finally, a high school classmate passed away very suddenly this past week. She was funny, sweet, and really caring. Her brother passed away when we were in high school in a motorcycle accident, and I remember thinking: “No family should should have to go through that”. And now I think, “No family should have to go through this again.” These parents have buried two of their children in their teens and 20’s. And as sad as this event was, it actually made me so thankful for my life. I now feel so focused on telling the people I love, that I love them. So intent on spreading joy – and motivation!

The very next day, was the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women. It’s an annual fundraising event for women’s cancer research. Last year, I did the walk with a group of my co-workers and their family members. But this year, we just could not get our act together, and the only two people that signed up for the walk were my friend and I. I had also really delayed on earning donations. (There’s still time if you want to donate!) So after experiencing all of these humanity-reminding events, I decided to get my butt in gear, not worry that it’s only two of us walking, raise some donations, participate in the walk, and support a great cause. So I dragged my butt up very early last Saturday and made it to the walk. My friend, Britney, actually had far less sleep than me, and had to work that afternoon after our 5K walk from Times Square to the middle of Central Park. Yikes! So, if Britney could do it, I could do it. And I’m so glad that we did! Here are some of the photos from this beautiful event:

Photos of the 2013 EIF Revlon Run/Walk by Kimmay:

Start of the EIF Revlon Run/Walk. Photo by Kim Caldwell

Confetti in Times Square. Photo by Kim Caldwell

Confetti and my NIke's at the Revlon Run/Walk. Photo by Kim Caldwell

Kimmay and Britney at the Revlon Run/Walk 2013. Photo by Kim Caldwell This adorable elderly couple walking in front of us won my award for “Cutest Couple”. They walked holding hands, which was cute enough. But then, I read their signs. Her survivor sign read: My Name is Elaine/Surviving is the game/I beat cancer twice/and I’m still enjoying my life!!!” She also had “support” sign for a friend. Meanwhile, her husband wore a sign that read that she was supporting “My wife Elaine. Two time breast cancer survivor.” I can only imagine what this couple has been through. And I can only imagine how their love has helped them through it. Truly inspirational! Cutest couple award goes to.... Photo by Kim Caldwell Being in a sea of supporters was a really powerful experience! I encourage you to participate in the EIF Revlon Run/Walk next year, and make a donation now!

Also, here are some gorgeous photos of Central Park. I hope that these beautiful photos motivate you to go for a walk, enjoy nature, and be thankful for your life and humanity.

Happy Monday!