What to expect on the Hurray Kimmay blog

Jan 27, 2013 | Hurray for Lingerie | 0 comments

Hi! I’m Kimmay. I used to write the Hurray Kimmay blog on Blogger, quite some time ago. It was a great deal of fun for me! Now, I’ve grown so much as a writer, blogger, and woman… in fact, I’m actually a Marketing Director now (I mean, I went to school for Theater, so who would have thought?) and have gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to social media and blogging. Still, Hurray Kimmay is a very simple, casual blog.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Lots of photos! I love photos. I think they offer a really great and quick way to share what I’m talking about.

  • Some advice. I have a lot of experience in the retail, fashion, lingerie and marketing worlds – not to mention, a lot of DIY, craft, and home projects. Stay tuned for tips from yours truly, and little things that I’ve learned along the way.

  • Cats. Lots of them. I am the proud mommy/owner of one really special cat, Bella. You’ll be seeing a lot of Bella. Plus, you’ll be seeing a lot of other cats, and tons of other animals. Here’s a photo of Bella:Bella the Cat on Hurray Kimmay
  • Fashion, home, and style ideas and inspiration. I love style. A lot. In clothing, on the street, in your home… wherever.

  • Wedding stuff. I was recently wed (woohoo!) and went from a “zero interest in weddings” kind of girl into a “I already got married and still love looking at wedding inspiration” kind of girl. I was a pretty practical, but totally stressed bride. Remember that bullet point on advice? Yeah, I’ll be sharing some helpful tidbits here and there. Here’s a photo from our wedding:

    But wait, there’s more!

    Trust me. There will be a lot of fun posts and good times ahead. I don’t consider this a “professional blog” as of now, but rather, a nifty way for me to get back to some things that I love: writing and sharing.

    Stick around! Add me to your blog list and stay tuned – there’s lots on the way.