It this you? 

  • You started a business and need guidance getting it off the ground
  • You want to start a business and feel overwhelmed with where to start
  • You feel like most business programs are all hustle and no heart
  • You are craving connection and support with fellow boss ladies who get it
  • You are sick of treating your business as a side hustle
  • You want a business that makes money and feeds your soul
  • You are so over asking your significant other about business ideas 
  • You are ready to explore what it feels like to run your business with a dose of feminine energy 
  • You crave support and understanding about being in business, and being a woman in today’s world

Hurray! Then The Conquer Club and Hurray Kimmay are just what you’re looking for.

I’m in my fourth year in The Conquer Club, and I just signed up for my fifth. 2017 was the best year in my business, hands down. I changed how I work with clients so it’s more in alignment with my heart and purpose, I was asked to be on The Rachael Ray show twice, I launched a global campaign supporting women, and I grew grew grew as an entrepreneur and woman. And I have The Conquer Club to thank for much of that. Here are a few ways that this business incubator has helped me and my company:

  • It gave me a place to go online to share my hurrays and worries without judgement
  • it provided a group of fellow women in business that totally understand what I’m going through – because they’re going through it, too
  • It help me set up systems in my business that save time and fill me with peace of mind
  • It guided me to make smarter decisions when it came to team building and creating ease in my business
  • It filled my soul with vision, and gave me the support and tools to make that vision a reality
  • It lead me to some of the best friend and business relationships I’ve ever had
  • It brought me around the world and offered a way to make my dream trip and business opportunity come true
  • It allowed me to dream big and shoot for the moon – something my very practical self struggled with
  • It gave me a safe place to ask, learn, listen, share, advise, collaborate, receive, and give

Conquer and say hurray!

Yes. It’s possible to do both at the same time.

Every year I’ve been in the Conquer Club it has met me where I am in my business. I’ve never felt like “well, I’ve done this before”. Every Conquerer is at a different place, and this incubator works for each person.

Doors open for The Conquer Club open on November 8th (but only until November 16th!)

Want to go through the Conquer Club with me? If you sign up for this program with me, we’ll go through it together. Here’s how I’ll help you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath in The Conquer Club.

Hurray Conquer Club Bonuses with Kimmay 



  • Guided visualization: I’m recording some of my favorite visualizations that has gotten me through this year in a big, big, big way. They’ll help you see where you are now, what you desire, and how to get there. I’ve never shared these with anyone outside of my Hurray Conquer Club group – so this is an exclusive bonus! 
  • My favorite woo woo resources: Being in business is not just about ROI, spreadsheets, and sales calls. You’ll get my personal list of favorite books, websites, meditation music, meditation apps and more that you can use all year long, and forever more.


  • Private Facebook group: I want you in my girl gang. The Conquer Club Facebook group is a wonderful place to interact, and you’ll get great personalized attention there. But there’s nothing quite like having an intimate group you can turn to for support, accountability, and brainstorming. I’m not signing up hundreds of people for this group. It will be intimate and connected. You can bring your hurrays and what-the-hays to people who have gotten to know you on a more intimate level as we go through the year. Plus, I’m regularly checking in with call reminders, follow up on tasks, facilitating our own virtual co-working hours, and more. You are not going at it alone. You’ll have me and our fellow Hurray Conquer Club members by your side!
  • Business Q&A sessions. As we go through the year together, I’m hosting four Ask Me Anything sessions, along with a few of my favorite business tips. Including: How to Partner with Brands and Get Sponsored. Learn exactly how I got brands to sponsor my trips to Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more. Ask me how I delegate, how I jump started my business on a shoestring budget, how I create consistent content, how I use my RIPE method to market and connect, how I separate and integrate home and business, and more. You can submit questions ahead of time and I’ll tailor these wonderful people to the needs of the group – and that means you!
  • NYC Meet-ups: For those ladies who live in (or want to travel to) the NYC area, I’ll be hosting an person meet up at my super fab office (terrace, free beer, sassy digs) in 2018. This meet up is more like a one day retreat, and will include mentorship, meditations, brainstorming and co-working time, and more. Plus, it’s important to get together in person and remember what it’s like to laugh & work hard with women who totally get you.
  • Virtual co-working: I’ll also be facilitating one of my favorite things in the world – virtual co-working. Anyone in our group can hop on during our video call, let us know what they’re working on, and then GET TO WORK. This has been a huge way that I have moved the needle. I look forward to my virtual dates with fellow women in business because I know I’ll have one to two hours of uninterrupted, focused, accountability time.


  • 5 Bra Fit Tips video and PDF: You’ll get my favorite bra fitting tips in a video and printable PDF form, so that you can check the fit of your bras at home, in a fitting, or after ordering online. I’ll walk you through the most important things to look for so you can feel confident and comfortable in your bras!


  • One on One Session with Me: Want to truly say hurray? To truly support you, I’m offering a transformational two hour session (in person or virtual) for one of the following:
    • Two hour customized bra fitting and shopping trip
    • Two hour coaching call to dive inward so we can create a roadmap of confidence, and truly uncover your hurray
    • Two hour business consulting session to focus on one area of your business with expert precision

This bonus alone is worth over $400! 

Total estimated bonus offer: $1,999 

This, and all of the above support and guidance, is yours as my gift for joining the Conquer Club with me

What do you say?

Are you ready to say hurray and conquer 2018 with me

This is important: In order to go through the Conquer Club with me, you’ll need to use my special link (included throughout this page). And once you do sign up, forward your receipt to kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com. We’ll confirm that everything went through OK and then say hurray together! You’ll get your bonus materials starting in December, and throughout 2018. Hurray!

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Want to talk first?

It’s important to me that you are a great fit for The Conquer Club and it’s a great fit for you. Curious and want a real, honest opinion? Let’s hop on a call. I am opening up spots in my calendar to talk directly to you – and you can ask me anything! Schedule a call here.

Important dates

Thursday November 16th

Doors close to the Conquer Club! This is your last and only chance to sign up for 2018. Doors won’t open again until the following year. So get on it!

I am a proud partner of The Conquer Club, and totally adore this business incubator and community. I may get referral compensation if you decide to sign up for 2018 with me. I always give my honest opinion when it comes to things on my site, and that includes programs and products. Hurray!