Your hurray: (noun) the meaning and fulfillment in your life, and what makes you come alive. The qualities that light you up and bring a sense of purpose to everything that you do.

I see your hurray in you. But if we’re being really honest (and I always am), your hurray is being covered up.

How can you tell you’re hiding or covering it up?

  • You feel like you’re called to something bigger and that scares you
  • You want to try something new but you’re comfortable where you are and afraid to take the risk
  • You have big ideas but don’t have the confidence to make them happen
  • You want to show up fully but are afraid to let others or yourself down
  • You’re inspired often and afraid of missing opportunities or letting go of how you’ve been doing things
  • You’re ready to grow, and old stories like “I’m not enough” or “who am I, anyway?” are creeping in

Take a deep breath. It’s OK. You are here, exactly where you should be.

Maybe your path to this point wasn’t totally straight or obvious. That’s OK. The unusual road is fine! In fact, I went to school for theater, then spent years as a bra fitter, later opened my own marketing company, and finally I’m traveling the world, leading women’s circles, and providing deep level coaching. Even though what I did changed, my why has stayed the same. Finding your why, your purpose, and your values are the key to opening up your mind to the vast possibilities of how and what you can do in the world. And with an inside, out approach, and using practices and tools to uncover your hurray, will help you implement it into your actual life. 

Together, we can find out what your gifts are, what really lights you up, and what truly matters to you and then how you can bring that hurray to everything that you do. 

Why Uncover Your Hurray:

  • You showing up fully means more people are positively impacted by the work your’e doing in the world
  • Your community is ready for what you have to offer, there’s no time like now to step it up 
  • Your happiness and fulfillment radiates out from you to your loved ones, friends, and around the globe 
  • It’s time. You know it. I know. Let’s do this. 


How Uncover Your Hurray supports you

One – on – One coaching

  • I offer three, six, and twelve month packages in which we’ll meet twice a month, virtually from anywhere in the world, to peel back the fears and misunderstandings and uncover your hurray together
  • Every three months includes a powerful, three hour deep dive session in-person or virtually 
  • In between calls, you’ll have full email access to me and we’ll create a reporting system that keeps you on track 

Keep in mind, just like in a bra fitting, this is not a one size fits all offer. We’ll customize the plan and each session to make sure this relationship supports you. This is the highest level of service that I currently offer. I will show up for you and help you show up but that doesn’t mean I’ll do the work for you. I’ll be the navigator, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Together, we’ll map out a plan and uncover your hurray! 

My best investment, as cliched as this sounds, is the money I’ve spent developing myself, via books, workshops and coaching. Leadership begins within, and to have a better career, start by building a better you.

-Robin S. Sharma

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