3 Myths About Being A Professional Bra Fitter

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What really goes on behind the scenes as a bra fitter? What do bra fitters really do all day? As someone who started fitting way back in 2005, I can tell you the truth. Keep in mind that I fit at a small family owned boutique, a luxury department store, and for a high end brand before turning my focus on marketing and education. And in those years in the bra fitting trenches in NYC, I saw it all. 

But before I tell you the truth about being a bra fitter, we need to bust a few myths. Below you’ll find a few common misconceptions folks have about the bra fitter profession, along with a simple and profound truth. Read and watch the video all about it. If you think it’s worth it, there’s also information on how you can train and get your bra fitter diploma! 


Here’s what I wish I knew about the realities of being a bra fitter!👙 If you’re a fitter too, comment below⬇️ and go to HurrayKimmay.com/FF to join a supportive community of fellow fitters!❤️ #brafitter #brafitterlife #undergarmenteducator #braexpert #bandsize #cupsize #brafitting #brafittingtips #brafittingspecialist #professionalbrafitter #normalizenormalbodies #brafittercommunity #brafitteradvice #brashoppingtips #brafittertok

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Here are three myths about being a bra fitter that I wish I knew when I started back in 2005. 

Bra Fitter Myth 1: It’s glamorous.

Being a bra fitter is not sunshine and trying on gorgeous lingerie all day. Yes, sometimes I do get to do this. And yes, I have a glamorous life. But most bra fitting is not glamorous. I have distinct memories of trying to fit so many people at once that I couldn’t even get a bathroom break, let alone a lunch break.

Bra Fitter Myth 2: It’s just trying on bras with people.

Once you’re in a small fitting room and someone takes off their clothes, all of the things come up. We’re talking about identity issues, insecurities, doubts, and worries. Bra fitting requires a great deal of empathy and can quickly turn into a therapy session if you’re not careful. This job requires you to deal with people’s stuff and their stories coming up, and it can be really exhausting. 

Not to mention, trying things on with other people can be a bit unsanitary. On those really hot days you might find yourself wiping people’s bodies with baby wipes because they’re sweating all over the bras. There’s body odor. There’s negative self-talk. There’s illuminating customers on how bra sizing even works. I mean we really have to walk people through the education that no one got, and the fears that everyone has. Phew, it can be a lot!

Bra Fitter Myth 3: It’s easier than other retail jobs.

Listen, even in bra fitting there are cranky customers who are trying to get away with returning something after having it for a year. I’ve seen it time and time again. (Oh gosh, do I have some stories about what people tried to get away with!) There’s all the normalities of working in a retail space, plus bodies and all the stuff that comes with them. 

The truth about bra fitting.

That said, I still loved being a bra fitter, and I love training people to be bra fitters, too. That’s the truth! Each day as a bra fitter is completely different, and it’s actually an honor to lead people through learning new ways to support that sacred area right over their heart. Hurray!

So while there’s lots of myths about what we actually do over here, I still wouldn’t give it up. I’m thankful to be the space holder, the bra size navigator, the encourager, the empathetic ear, and the hand on the shoulder as people navigate rites of passage and transitions in life. I’m grateful for this work, and so grateful that bra fitters exist. 

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Bra fitters are life changers. Let’s change lives together.

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